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Cephas Fisher Genealogy

Cephas Fisher Sr. (1780 – 1863) of Ohio was a great-grandson of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Huntley Fisher of Chester County, Pennsylvania. His son, Cephas Fisher Jr., was my Great-Great Grandfather.

Thomas Fisher (ca 1682 – 1747) came from the British Isles, apparently arriving in Pennsylvania between 1691 and 1713. The family farm in Kennett Township, Chester County was first obtained by warrant from William Penn to a Thomas Fisher (possibly father of the younger Thomas) in early 1701. He married Elizabeth Huntley in 1713 and lived in Chester County until his death in 1747. Their son James (1715 – 1771) had a son James (1744 – 1828) who was the father of Cephas Fisher Sr. (1780 – 1863).

Notes, documents, books and records from over 20 years of research are offered here as an aid for anyone working this line. In return, I hope you will share any comments and additional records or photos that you might have.

Jackie L. (Jack) Fisher

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Take the 12-generation visual tour for a Cephas Fisher genealogy overview.

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Latest Versions of the J.L. Fisher Books.  These are mostly complete but subject to editing.

"Descendants and Ancestors of Cephas Fisher Jr."  About Cephas Fisher, his descent from Thomas Fisher, and the J.L. Fisher line.   (PDF ) 4 MB  29 September 2012.  New: See Ref/Notes re Fishers of Clitheroe (John/Margaret).
"A Fisher Family Album"  Old Family Photos, J.L. Fisher ancestors & relatives.  (Text and PDF Links)
"The Kelly/Davis and Hartman/Green Families."   J. L. Fisher Maternal Lines.      (Text and PDF Links)    
"The Samuel Stanfield Family."   Thomas Fisher's Irish daughter-in-law Alice Standfield and her family.   (PDF )    .3 MB
"The William Huntley Family."  Thomas Fisher's wife, Elizabeth Huntley and her family.                              (PDF )  3.2 MB
"The Francis Standfield Family of Colonial Pennsylvania." Thomas Fisher's wife, Elizabeth Huntley and her Standfield grandparents.   (Text and PDF Link )
"Searching for Thomas Fisher." Text overview; out of date.  Notes, summaries, and theories about Thomas Fisher of Chester County, Pa.        (PDF )  1.4 MB  has updates.  (eg Cutthorpe is in Derbyshire, not Berkshire.)
"The First Fishers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Colonies."  2004 version" Thomas Fisher Contemporaries.  ( PDF)      3.7   MB.   2010
The First Fishers of the Chesapeake."   Did Thomas Fisher Have Relatives in Maryland?                                   (PDF)      1.8   MB.   13 July 2012.
"Some Records of the Lurgan Quakers of Northern Ireland,"         Minute Book One,      1675-1710.                     (PDF)     2.58  MB.
"Some Records of the Lurgan Quakers of Northern Ireland,"         Minute Book Two,     1710-1729.                     (PDF)     2.95  MB.
"Some Records of the Lurgan Quakers of Northern Ireland,"         Marriage Certificates 1698-1715.                     (PDF)      1.6    MB.   September 2011.

"Some Records of the Ballyhagan Quakers of Northern Ireland,"  Men's Meeting Minutes 1705-1717 etc.         ( PDF)       .861 MB.   September 2011.

  Older Versions of J.L. Fisher Books, in the LDS Library (Text Overviews) 

"Descendants and Ancestors of Cephas Fisher Jr.", 1996. Thomas Fisher & Some Descendants. LDS Film 2055284 Item 16.
"The William Huntley Family", 1996. Thomas Fisher’s Father-in-Law. LDS Film 2055284 Item 14. 
"The Francis Standfield Family of Colonial Pennsylvania", 1996. Elizabeth Huntley Fisher’s Grandfather. LDS Film 2055284 Item 13.
"The Samuel Stanfield Family", 1996. In-Laws of James Fisher, Son of Thomas Fisher. LDS Film 2055284 Item 5.
"A Fisher Family Album, a History in Pictures", 1996. LDS Film 2055331 Item 1.

Some genealogy charts and name lists related to the books. (PDF)

Thomas Fisher Descendancy Chart
Name List for J.L. Fisher Ancestry, Family & Relatives
J.L. Fisher Ancestor Diagram Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3
Henry Kelly Descendancy Chart
Jonathan Davis Descendancy Chart
Henry Hartman Descendancy Chart
Wilfred Green Descendancy Chart
Name List for Kelly/Davis/Hartman/Green
Blackmon Ancestor Diagram
Hodge Descendancy Chart
Thornton Ancestor Diagram

Photo Collection

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